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Whether you are playing your favorite sport or started a new job that requires you to work in challenging conditions, you will likely want to invest in a pair of high-quality safety glasses. Safety glasses—compared to other types of glasses—offer additional protection to your eyes. They can protect you from flying debris like dust, sand, and gravel. They are also more durable than other types of glasses, giving you the confidence that your glasses will not shatter or break when under stress.

At VS Eyewear, we are proud of our extensive collection of safety glasses. As you can see on this page, we sell safety glasses from some of the most renowned manufacturers in eyewear today. Before including an item in our collection, we make sure that it is of the highest quality and that our customers can rely on these safety glasses in the most difficult conditions. That is why we carry safety glasses brands like Smith Optics, Bobster, ArmouRx, and 7Eye. Clicking on any of those protective eyewear brands on this page will send you to our inventory of safety glasses for that brand. From there, you can find more information about each additional model (including potential customization options).

To find your perfect pair of safety glasses, you can also take advantage of additional filtering options on this page. As you can see, you can search through our collections based on factors like frame colors, face shape, frame style, frame materials, frame features, and more. All of our safety glasses are sold at the most competitive prices, giving you the confidence that you can find your favorite pair of safety glasses without breaking the bank.

If you have any questions about our safety glasses, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are happy to address your concerns or share more information about customization options. Happy shopping!

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