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VS Eyewear is proud to offer our line of real glass lens reading glasses. These reading glasses are a cut above the rest with the specialty real glass lenses they are manufactured with. Real glass lenses are a higher caliber and higher quality lens than your typical polycarbonate lenses. Manufacturing this line of reading glasses with real glass instead of polycarbonate has many benefits for the wearer including durability and clarity of vision.

While typical polycarbonate lenses offer you basic protection from the elements, real glass lenses are equipped to be tough and protective in any segment. These real glass lenses provide true HD optics. This means that they provide our customers with more extreme levels of durability and visibility while wearing our frames. This extreme durability pairs with an added level of scratch resistance, adding to the longevity of these glasses. While real glass is heavier than typical polycarbonate, our metal and TR-90 Nylon frames are made to keep the glasses as lightweight and durable as possible. Our real glass lenses also come in plenty of our signature frames for both men and women, making the benefit of real glass universally available in this line.

Not only is this line of real glass lenses exceptionally durable, protective, and long lasting, but it also provides benefits for your eyesight and eye health. These benefits include crystal clear vision thanks to the clarity provided by real glass as opposed to polycarbonate. Also, wearing higher quality real glass lenses reduces your risk of eye strain. Eye strain occurs when wearers eyes and eyesight get worn out or tired from extended or intense use. This can happen for wearers in any segment including readers, drivers, or those working on the computer all day. Any type of eye discomfort from extended use of your eye sight is what’s called eye strain. Real glass lenses providing crystal clear eyesight reduces this risk because you don’t wear out your eyes as easily from straining to see. This means that using glasses with real glass lenses can help to prevent blurred vision and headaches, the symptoms of eye strain and eye fatigue.

Along with our classic clear real glass lenses, we also offer our real glass lenses with a pink tint. VS Eyewear is proud to be one of the only companies in the industry carrying the option for the popular pink tint on real glass lenses as opposed to only carrying this pink tint for typical polycarbonate lenses. The pink tint is the most commonly used tint for reduction of visible light transmittance in the industry. Optical professionals often prescribe these pink tints for indoor use under fluorescent light because transmittance is reduced at the blue end of the spectrum. This makes the pink tint lenses perfect for indoor use in front of the computer and all other screens. This allows for the wearer to have a wider field of vision due to less eye strain and crystal-clear visibility.

The pink real glass lenses offer the highest quality optics on the market. They work as excellent blue light blockers and UV protectors. In addition, the pink tint does not reduce the durability or quality of the real glass lenses. They remain extremely durable and scratch-resistant, making them extremely comfortable to use and to wear. Also, the pink tints still provide crystal clear vision and reduce the risk of eyestrain and eye fatigue. The pink tint real glass lenses are perfect for indoor use.

 Pink and rose-tinted lenses are also known to be cosmetically appealing because they blend well with a variety of skin tones. We provide this pink tint coating for our reading glasses in a variety of lens options such as blanks for single vision, multi-focal, and sunglass applications. This tint is considered an all-weather special purpose sunglass. At VS Eyewear, we are confident in our real glass lenses, and are proud to offer our customers the opportunity to see the word through rose-colored glasses.

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VS Eyewear is proud to offer a wide range of glass lens reading glasses. If you are wondering who sells reading glasses made with real glass, look no further than VS Eyewear. With a wide range of glass lens reading glasses, we are sure you will find the real glass reading glasses you need in style and magnification.

Getting your reading glasses with real glass lenses at VS Eyewear is easy. Our wide selection of frames will undoubtedly meet your expectations. And if you didn’t find the style you were looking for, don’t worry! You can also personalize most of our eyewear frames with real glass lenses.

Real glass reading glasses provide a higher vision quality than polycarbonate lenses. Which results in superior optical clarity. In other words, real glass reading glasses can bend light more efficiently and produce sharper, more accurate images.

With the high quality material, glass lens reading glasses are also scratch resistant and easy maintenance, keeping excellent quality and performance over time.



Real glass lenses offers a superior quality than polycarbonate. Which results in sharper images, and more durable reading glasses.


Real glass lenses offer excellent clarity and sharpness, providing a clear and crisp view of small print.


Glass lenses can last longer and maintain their clarity and performance over time.


Real Glass lenses provide true HD optics with the Highest Abbe value on the market, meaning less distortion and an overall clearer view.


Properly cleaning your real glass reading glasses will increase the lifetime of your product

Your reading glasses with real glass lenses may get dirty in a variety of ways. Maintenance of your glass lens reading glasses is easier than you think. Gently clean your real glass reading glasses using a microfiber cloth and a glasses cleaning solution.

The first step in prolonging the life of your reading glasses with real glass lenses is monitoring them for dirtiness and damage. If your real glass lenses are dirty, it can impact your vision.



The microfiber cloth will be gentle on your real glass reading glasses and will prevent them from getting scratched


The cleaning solution is to clean and disinfect your reading glasses with glass lenses, wiping away dirt and debris.


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