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OnGuard Rx Safety Glasses can be a terrific choice if you want maximum protection in challenging conditions. OnGuard is one of the leading global brands that offer protective eyewear. Most of the safety glasses are focused on industrial or sports applications, but they can also be used in other difficult environments. In other words, if you foresee yourself needing regular extra eye protection, you may want to seriously consider purchasing OnGuard safety glasses.

By choosing OnGuard safety glasses, you take advantage of OnGuard’s commitment to quality. Many OnGuard safety glasses are ANSI Z87 safety approved. ANSI standards are some of the toughest eyewear standards on the world today, meaning that you can be confident that your pair of OnGuard safety glasses will hold up when you are on the job or on the field. Many frames also contain integrated side protection which can protect your eyes from dust, debris, or other material that is coming at you from the side. This integrated side protection does not compromise your viewing, however. These frames contain viewport technology, meaning that you can take advantage of enhanced peripheral viewing when wearing these frames.

Along with the protective qualities of OnGuard safety glasses, these safety glasses are also comfortable. Many frames contain a comfort fit replaceable bridge and adjustable temples for more comfort and better fit. While some safety glasses may feel uncomfortable on your face, you will not have this worry with OnGuard safety glasses.

OnGuard safety glasses come in an array of different colors and designs. Some sample colors include black, burgundy, camo, and gunmetal, but there are other colors that you can select. Whatever your choice, you can be confident that OnGuard safety glasses provide you with the durability, comfort, and style that you need, whether you are on the go or on the job.

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