Why Choose Real Glass Prescription Lenses?

VS Eyewear is exceptionally proud to be one of the few companies still offering Real Glass Prescription Lenses. We pride ourselves on being one of the last companies that still retail Real Glass Lenses for our customers. The optical industry still considers real glass lenses to be the highest quality optical lens material available.

The majority of our line of eyeglass frames can be made with glass lenses if you choose the glasses lens option during your check our process, instead of polycarbonate or plastic lenses.



While typical plastic lenses offer basic scratch protection from the elements, real glass lenses provide the highest scratch resistance. All the other lens materials don’t match the scratch-resistant qualities of glass lenses.


Real Glass Prescription Lenses provide true HD optics with the Highest Abbe Value on the market, meaning less distortion and an overall clearer view.


Real Glass lenses offer a higher clarity, a better abbe value, and less distortion than your typical polycarbonate plastic and trivex lenses.

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Step 1

How to Order Real Glass Prescription Lenses

Choose from a variety of frames. When you find one you like, click ‘View Products’.

While real glass lenses are typically heavier than polycarbonate or plastic lens material in general. So, when choosing a pair of glasses, you should select a frame that offers a smaller eye size or provides an adjustable nose to pads so you will not feel any additional weight. This should significantly reduce any weight differences you might notice while wearing glass lenses.

Step 2

Personalize your lenses

Once you find the frame you like, click ‘Buy Frame with Prescription’

Step 3

Under 'LENS MATERIAL' select 'Standard Glass'

Our real glass prescription lenses come in the same variety of options that you’re used to with plastic lenses. We offer our real glass lenses in various options such as Clear, Transition glass lenses known as PhotoGray Extra, PhotoBrown Extra, and the sunglass and fixed tint color. We offer all the prescription options that plastic does, such as single vision, FT-28 Bifocal, and Progressive No Line Bifocals.

Step 4

Upload your prescription or add it to the form


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