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If you are looking for tough, durable glasses that can hold up in challenging conditions, Wiley X goggles are for you. This is true whether your job requires you to work in an environment with lots of flying dust or debris or if you are riding a motorcycle down the open road.  By purchasing Wiley X goggles, you can be confident that your eyes have the utmost protection.

Wiley X is one of the premier brands in eyewear. It was originally founded to provide superior protective eyewear to those in the military. That said, Wiley X eyewear can also be used in other situations like in harsh work environments and outdoor activities. Every piece of Wiley X eyewear is designed with the highest commitment to quality and an obsession about serving each and every customer.

At VS Eyewear, we take that same approach. Our collection of Wiley X safety goggles will help protect your eyes in the most challenging environments. For instance, the Wiley X SG-1 line of goggles has a wealth of features that you can leverage. The goggles are APEL approved, ANSI approved, and meet the GL-PD 10-12 MCEP standard. In other words, by purchasing these goggles, you can be sure that your eyes will be well protected in any environment. Along with this, these goggles are light, comfortable, and contain a removable lens system so that you can swap out lenses as necessary.

Ultimately, we encourage you to check out our Wiley X goggles collection. These goggles are not only functional and durable, but they are stylish. Wearing any pair of these goggles, you can be confident that you will look great—even when you are in the midst of challenging conditions. So what are you waiting for? We encourage you to check out our collection of Wiley X goggles today!

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  • Wrap Around Lens Replacement for Plastic & Metal Safety & Non-Safety Frames

    Wrap Around Lens Replacement for Plastic & Metal Safety & Non-Safety Frames

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  • WX SG-1

    WX SG-1

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