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One of the powerhouses in protective athletic eyewear, Oakley has set their sights on producing some of the finest industrial safety glasses on the market. Oakley’s line of certified industrial-grade safety glasses will protect your eyes from dust, impact, and similar hazards in any work environment, and are perfect to keep at home for odd jobs and hobbies.  Oakley takes pride in their product and these safety glasses are no exception to their outstanding quality of manufacture and design. Browse our Oakley prescription safety glasses here.

VS Eyewear is proud that we can offer prescription safety glasses of high quality from trusted brands. We strive to offer the best optical safety gear possible for our customers. Only the best brands are carried by us. Oakley is a favorite brand that we carry for our customers. They are a top manufacturer of prescription safety glasses. Oakley Safety Glasses prides itself on its ability to keep up-to-date with new trends in prescription safety glasses. They have been offering optical safety protection since 1996 and have tirelessly worked to improve safety eyewear markets. Oakley offers a variety of ANSI-approved eyewear for both individuals and corporations.

Oakley safety glasses are versatile. They are fashionable, trendy, functional, fashionable and practical. Oakley safety glasses were created by experts in prescription and safety eyewear. We are proud to announce that Oakley prescription safety sunglasses is a top provider of protective eyewear across all industries and sectors. This optical expertise allows workers at all levels, from first responders to adjust their eyesight. Oakley Safety glasses can be used if you require Foam Surround, Nonconductive Welders, or IR glasses.

Many of our loyal customers have special needs. VS Eyewear can guarantee that you will find the perfect pair of Oakley prescription safety glasses for you. VS Eyewear is committed to providing the best optical protection in the industry, and Oakley safety sunglasses are a great way for us to do this. You can order prescription safety glasses online with our easy online ordering process. This great system allows customers of VS Eyewear to add additional features, coatings, and prescriptions on their Oakley safety glasses.

This allows VS Eyewear customers the ability to tailor their products to suit their needs. Our VS Eyewear team is available to help customers select the best Oakley safety glasses from start-to-finish. Oakley safety glasses have been approved by ANSI to provide high-impact protection in all hazardous areas. Oakley safety glasses can be used for many years. They can be customized to meet any customer’s requirements. Oakley safety glasses are suitable for all industries, including outdoor and industrial. VS Eyewear offers a large selection of Oakley prescription safety glasses. We have the best prescription safety sunglasses for both men and women, according to ANSI.


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