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7Eye is a company that specializes in manufacturing and distributing specialty safety sunglasses. The company’s brand name ‘7 Eye’ represents the 7 visible spectral lights or colors naturally detectable by the human eye. These seven colors are the colors of the rainbow represented in the acronym ROYGBIV. The name 7Eye is also meant to represent a variety of proven technologies that the company utilizes in their frames. The idea is that every individual can find a perfect fit within these varieties of technology that 7Eye employs.

7Eye is a well-known and trusted leading optical manufacturer of eyewear products. They offer technologically enhanced protective sunglasses for every individual. 7Eye dedicates itself to offering the perfect sunglasses to all different individuals who live an active lifestyle. 7Eye’s mission is essentially that they dedicate themselves to offering eyewear to customers that frequent a variety of segments.

At VS Eyewear, we are proud to offer our carefully selected line of 7Eye Sunglasses for men and women in all industries and segments. This line of sunglasses contains a patented Orbital Sealing Eye-Cup, which ultimately maximizes protection from elements like wind, dust, mud, and other airborne irritants. This is important for many customers of ours as they work in many industries such as the lab, shooting range, medical, and more.

Many of the 7Eye glasses that we carry come equipped with Airshield Technology. Airshield Technology is a feature that provides a complete seal around your eyes to offer the most protection possible in your safety sunglasses or prescription safety sunglasses. In fact, these sunglasses contain a Seal Protection Factor (“SPF”) of 100, meaning that 7Eye’s Airshield Technology provides a perfect, 100 percent seal around the orbits of your eye. Additionally, the closed-cell foam material in 7Eye is also unaffected by the weather and is resistant to perspiration and grime. This element resistant seal is ideal for many of our customers, as they work in environments with hazardous debris. Ultimately, technological innovation and solutions such as the AirShield technology which aid in protecting and blocking away eye irritants and other elements that may pose harm to the eyes.

7Eye sunglasses are especially ideal if you have sensitive eyes to outside elements. Many wearers need to spend their days outside, leaving their eyes exposed to dust, pollen, debris, and wind. Whether you spend the majority of your day outside or just want extra protection for those infrequent times that you spend outdoors, 7Eye sunglasses may be the best choice for you. Also, they are a great choice if you are someone that suffers from chronic dry eyes. They can provide some much-needed relief, regardless of how much time you spend outdoors.

Here at VS Eyewear, we believe in not only providing the most protective glasses, but also providing sunglasses that our customers love to wear. This means incorporating the ability to work in their own style with fashionable frames. We are proud to say that 7Eye frames are exceptionally stylish and come in a wide variety of options to suit everyone’s taste. Along with the critical protective features in each and every pair, 7Eye sunglasses are tasteful. When choosing your pair of glasses, you can select from colors like black pearl, light tortoise, and ruby fade. You can also choose from standard sunglasses or sunglasses with prescription lenses. All of these customization options ensure that you can make your pair of 7Eye sunglasses truly unique and original.

We’re happy to say that our line of 7Eye sunglasses is highly protective, stylish, and versatile. They are ideal for those who wish to protect their eyes from irritants such as wind, dust, debris, pollutants and other known eye irritants. The Airshield sealing technology makes these glasses as protective as a pair of goggles. It also aids the eyes in retaining the needed moisture and helps prevent the dry eye syndrome. We are proud to offer such an extensive, protective line of 7Eye Sunglasses.

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