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Costa reading glasses and Costa glasses with real glass lenses know that not every moment of your adventures takes place under harsh sun and that there’s a real need for clear vision all day, every day. So, we created Costa Optical: a line of handcrafted prescription eyeglass frames that’s inspired by famous underwater places with topographical designs. Drawing inspiration from our legacy in on-the-water optics, VS Eyewear also offers a variety of reading powers, in both Polycarbonate and Real glass lens materials.

The Costa reading glasses collection feature lightweight but durable frames for people who prefer to experience life rather than watch from the sidelines. These rugged styles are inspired by active lifestyles, made to stand up to all your adventures.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your reading skills or simply get rid of those annoying headaches from reading, you’re sure to find the right reading glasses for your needs.

Reading glasses can be purchased over the counter or through a prescription from your eye doctor. Non-prescription reading glasses are typically made of generic strengths, which aren’t always right for everyone. You may want to see your eye doctor about your eyesight if you’ve been reading for a while and experience eye strain or fatigue.

You’ll also want to consider the benefits of using reading glasses. Reading glasses to reduce eye strain and fatigue, and also help improve your near vision. They can help you concentrate on your work, which can make you more productive. They also make it easier to read the small print, which can be an issue when reading on a computer. This is particularly useful for those who have presbyopia, which is the medical term for the age-related struggle to see things close up.

If you’re looking to find the best reading glasses, be sure to check out the Foster Grant diopter chart. This chart is designed to measure the strengths of the different types of reading glasses. A diopter is the measurement of magnification power in a lens, and the higher the diopter, the more magnification power.

If you’re unsure what reader strength you need, we offer a printable guide to help determine what strength to purchase. All directions listed on the guide must be followed to get the best read on your reading strength.


If you currently own a pair of readers but think you might need a higher strength, we recommend trying the adjacent strengths. For example, if your current power is +2.00, we recommend trying a +2.25. If you can’t remember what power your current readers are, you can find the reader strength stamped on the inside of the temple.

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When you have completed shopping for your Costa reading glasses, please make sure you check our our fine collection Costa prescription glasses or our  Costa Polarized sunglasses.

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