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Whether you work in difficult conditions or want eye protection when you are playing your favorite sport, Titmus safety glasses may be perfect for you. Titmus places a strong emphasis on quality and protection. By purchasing Titmus safety glasses, you can be confident that your eyes will be protected wherever you are.

At VS Eyewear, we sell three different kinds of Titmus safety glasses. To start, all of the designs allow for prescription lenses. Whether or not you have any eye issues, you will be able to confidently wear your Titmus safety glasses. From there, these safety glasses are constructed of handmade acetate. They have wrapped end pieces and offer terrific side protection. This side protection can be critical if you are working in an environment where there is a significant amount of flying dust or debris. Other features include a dust dam insert and an adjustable strap, but we invite you to check out our entire collection to find the features that are most important to you.

Titmus protective eyewear comes in a variety of designs and colors. Some of the more popular frame colors include blue, brown, gunmetal, black, and tortoise. Whether you are looking for a bold, fresh look or you want to stay conservative, you are sure to find a great frame color for your Titmus safety glasses.

Ultimately, Titmus safety glasses can be a great choice in many situations. If you have a job that requires you to be outside with lots of flying debris, these safety glasses are for you. If you have sensitive eyes and want the utmost protection—wherever you are—you may want to consider these glasses as well. Whatever your reason, we invite you to check out our collection of Titmus safety glasses. We are sure that you’ll find a pair that you love.

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