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Whether you live in a cold climate or are looking to see more clearly when you are working out, you may be interested in purchasing several different types of Anti-Fog Glasses Products. If so, you are in luck. At Rx-Safety, we are proud to offer an extensive collection of anti-fog products for your eyewear. By leveraging any or all of these products, we are confident that your lenses will remain clear and fog-free, allowing you to see extremely clearly when you are at work or play. Happy shopping!

Our anti-fog eyewear collection contains different solutions and anti-fog products that you can apply to many pairs of glasses. No matter how the solution is applied, the ultimate goal is to prevent excessive humidity and moisture from fogging up your lenses. Some of our products (like our Cat Crap anti-fog products) simply require you to rub it on and off your lenses in order to get the most protection. Others require you to spray a solution onto your lenses to see the full effect. However you apply the solution, the bottom line is that all of these anti-fog products will give you hours (or even days) of protection from annoying and distracting fog.

Anti-fog products can be useful in a wide range of situations and scenarios. For example, they can be essential if you are making a transition from a cold environment to a warm environment. If you are working out in a hot gym, anti-fog products can keep your lenses clear. They can even be essential if you are on vacation and plan on going snorkeling or scuba diving. Ultimately, they can provide you with clear sight when you need it the most.

Therefore, we encourage you to check out all of our anti-fog products. All of these products contain detailed descriptions, so don’t hesitate to click on one (or several) that interest y

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  • Cat Crap Anti-Fog, #EK-10003B

    Cat Crap Anti-Fog, #EK-10003B

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  • Cat Crap Care Kit, #EK-10519C

    Cat Crap Care Kit, #EK-10519C

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  • Cat Crap Spray-On Care Kit

    Cat Crap Spray-On Care Kit

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  • Cat Crap Spray-On, #EK-10808B

    Cat Crap Spray-On, #EK-10808B

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  • Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Wipes

    Clarity Defog It Anti-Fog Wipes

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  • Fog Buster Anti-Fog Treatment System

    Fog Buster Anti-Fog Treatment System

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  • Fog Free Lens Coating 2 oz. Pump Spray Bottle, #ACC-99-LCFF

    Fog Free Lens Coating 2 oz. Pump Spray Bottle, #ACC-99-LCFF

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