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Hudson Optical safety glasses are high-quality safety glasses that you can use in many different situations. The company has been around for approximately 50 years and is now 100 percent focused on manufacturing the best safety eyewear. In fact, Hudson Optical’s slogan is “Hudson – The Protective Eyewear That Makes You Look Good At Work.” The overall goal of the company is to provide functional, yet stylish protective eyewear that you can use at work, home, or anywhere else.

Upon looking at our collection of Hudson Optical safety glasses, you will discover a collection of features. Some Hudson Optical stylish protective eyewear contains permanent side shields so that dust and other annoying debris will not enter your eyes from the side. Many frames contain soft adjustable nose pads so that your safety glasses do not fall off of your face. And if you have prescription lenses? There’s no need to worry. You can add prescription lenses to many Hudson Optical safety glasses frames.

Beyond pure functionality, Hudson Optical pays close attention to the design of its safety glasses. We are proud to offer many different designs and colors. You can see, for example, that many Hudson Optical safety glasses contain rectangular frames, adding a sense of sophistication and style to your safety glasses. These safety glasses also come in colors like clear, red, white and blue, stealth black, and violet. Compared to other safety glasses, Hudson Optical wants to make you look great—whether you are on the job or working in your home workshop.

Hudson Optical continues to live up to its motto today. No matter the frame, Hudson Optical safety glasses contain a terrific blend of protection and style. By wearing these glasses, you will feel confident—both when working in challenging conditions and when showing off your look to friends and colleagues.

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