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Spy safety glasses are high-quality, extremely protective safety glasses that can protect your eyes from some of the harshest elements. Spy is world-renowned for designing and manufacturing some of the best eyewear on the market today. That attitude and obsession over quality certainly apply to Spy’s line of safety glasses. Regardless of the frame that you choose, you will be wearing exceptional safety glasses.

Spy safety eyewear is known for their durability and protective qualities. These safety glasses are ANSI certified, meaning that they have high mass impact resistance and can protect you from all kinds of flying debris. In other words, these are long-lasting glasses that can take some severe punishment from the elements. Along with this durability, Spy safety glasses contain Spy’s renowned Happy Lens technology, which can help you concentrate and improve your mood. Their lenses also provide 100 percent UV protection so that your eyes can be totally protected on bright, sunny days. Finally, many frames let you insert prescription lenses, meaning that you will be able to see extremely clearly with these safety glasses.

From functionality, Spy safety glasses also shine on the design front. Every frame contains Spy’s famous logo. You can also find Spy frames in a variety of neutral colors. Some samples include black, matte black, and decoy realtree. No matter which color you select, however, you can be sure that your safety glasses will add to your look—no matter what you are wearing on any particular day.

We invite you to check out our collection of Spy safety glasses. These glasses can be a hidden asset, whether you work in a tough, demanding job or if you simply want more eye protection when you are in a windy, dusty environment. Whichever frame you select, we are confident that you will be satisfied with your purpose.

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