Caterpillar Safety Glasses

Caterpillar is one of the most renowned and well-respected brands in global business today. While the company is known for manufacturing high-quality construction equipment, we at VS Eyewear are proud of offering a collection of Caterpillar safety glasses. These safety glasses are in the same vein of Caterpillar’s other products, which can provide you with the confidence that these safety glasses will hold up in challenging conditions.

Caterpillar safety glasses come equipped with a wide range of features. Many Caterpillar frames are made of stainless steel and have integrated side shields. These side shields can provide you with some extra protection if you are working in an environment with lots of flying debris, whether it is dust or something else. These safety glasses also come with fully-adjustable acetate tips and silicone anti-slip nose pads. In other words, Caterpillar safety glasses are comfortable and will fit securely on your face. Instead of worrying whether your glasses will remain secure, you can focus on the job in front of you.

As for the design, Caterpillar safety eyewear do come in several shapes and colors. But having said this, more attention is allocated to safety features than whether you will look attractive wearing these safety glasses. But having said this, the frames of Caterpillar safety glasses come in colors like gunmetal, matte brown, and matte black. Many frames also contain a laser engraved logo of Caterpillar. If you wear prescription lenses for your regular glasses, there is no need to worry. You can also use prescription lenses with our collection of Caterpillar safety glasses.

Whether you work in a difficult environment or simply want more eye protection for some other reason, we encourage you to check out Caterpillar safety eyewear. They are high-quality, durable glasses that will undoubtedly suit your needs. Check out our collection below!

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