Hydrospecs Growers Glasses


With our new Hydrospecs hydroponic gardening glasses become a Master of Light and see all of the details you were missing before. Whether you are using High or low Pressure Sodium, LED, or Metal Halide, our gardening glasses will filter out all of the excess light and let you see only what you need to. No more wash out, no more tired eyes or missed problems with your crop.

To get the maximum yield of your crop, the light source has to be of a higher intensity than standard room light or even sunlight. Because of this, unaided viewing of details is impossible. To correct this we have developed an ingenious system of grow room glasses with specialty lenses that eliminate the extraneous energies. The optical formulation of each lens type is specifically tailored to the frequencies of light characteristic to each type of light source. Furthermore each lens choice is precisely tuned for optimum color balance and separation to achieve perfect vision.

We are the experts in light manipulation technology and have now put our expertise to work for the indoor growing industry. There may be others gardening glasses on the market, but our grow room glasses are the best. 

With decades of experience supplying glasses to the laser, welding and glass working industries we are acknowledged experts in the field. We make all of our lenses here in the USA using only the finest domestic and imported raw materials to achieve total control over quality and performance. We build every pair of Hydrospecs growers glasses one at a time with quality and performance as the main concerns.

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