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Art-Craft Workforce Safety Glasses are sleek, yet durable Prescription safety glasses that you can rely on in your day-to-day life. Art-Craft, if you don’t yet know, is an eyewear company that is the oldest ophthalmic metal frame manufacturer in the United States. Art-Craft produces several different types of glasses, including safety glasses, and military glasses. Art-Craft eyewear is American made and the company continues to be laser-focused on manufacturing the highest-quality eyewear for its customers.

At VS Eyewear, we have a wide range of Art-Craft Workforce eyewear. By selecting any of our available frames, you will quickly see that Art-Craft Workforce eyewear comes equipped with many features and benefits. Many frames are made of stainless steel. When you pick up these frames, you can immediately tell that Art-Craft is committed to manufacturing the highest quality glasses. A good number of frames have spring hinges, adjustable pad arms, and snap-in nose pads. If you need extra protection when working in challenging environments, you also have the option to add side shields to your frames. This feature reiterates Art-Craft’s goal of listening to its customers and making product innovations as necessary.

We haven’t forgotten about design. Luckily, the company excels in this area. Art-Craft Workforce eyewear comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some colors that you can select from include bronze, gold, ruthenium, hickory, gunmetal, and many other colors. Along with this, Art-Craft Workforce eyewear comes in several different frame sizes so you can be confident that you will find a frame that comfortably sits on your face.

Ultimately, whichever frame you choose, you will be satisfied with your Art-Craft safety glasses. It offers the best of both worlds—namely, protection and style. No matter your job, location, or daily habits, you can be confident with your purchase. We encourage you to check out our collection today.

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