Stoggles Safety Glasses


Stoggles safety glasses combine style and goggles in a new hybrid type of eyewear. These glasses offer more protection than standard safety glasses, and they have a higher aesthetic value than designer frames. They are made from ultra-lightweight polycarbonate, and have a sleek design that offers extreme comfort and top-level safety.

The mission of this American company is to protect your eyes and look super stylish. Their glasses can be worn with any existing eyewear and add sophistication and style to your protective goggles. They won’t look bulky or slip like traditional safety goggles.

They are also designed to fit all faces. There are many styles of Stoggles glasses, including square, rectangular, square, aviator, cat eye, and aviator. They are highly recommended for healthcare professionals as well as those who work in the sciences, manufacturing, construction, and DIY industries.

A pair of safety glasses is essential for any type of outdoor work, such as woodworking, gardening, or renovations. Stoggles has been certified ANSI-Z87.1 and is made from shatterproof material. It offers sharp optical clarity and blocks almost 100% of the UV rays.

Stoggles lenses can also be fitted with a blue filter that reduces eye strain and headaches. This is especially useful if you are constantly using your smartphone, or any other device that emits harmful blue light. Their anti-fog coatings on both sides help to keep a clear view even while wearing a mask. They can last up to 2 years if properly cared for. See our Stoggles Collection below!

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