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Wiley X is proud to be a family and U.S. veteran-founded organization for over two decades. As a global leader on the forefront of optical technology, Wiley X prescription safety sunglasses prescriptions exist because it recognizes the reality that today’s lifestyles pose constant threats to eye health. Wiley X protective eyewear is put through rigorous testing in order to be ANSI Z87.1 rated, and in the case of some styles, the military’s stringent Ballistic VO impact certification.

However, eye protection for everyday life only works if people want to wear it. That’s why Wiley X remains committed to creating stylish eyewear desirable for virtually any occasion. Wiley X ultra protective eyewear and gloves use the world’s most durable and lightweight materials: shatterproof Selenite polycarbonate lenses with scratch resistant T-Shell Hardcoat and virtually indestructible Triloid nylon frames. Not to mention, flame resistant materials. Wiley X Prescription Safety Sunglasses: the only premium performance sunwear manufacturer whose entire line is ANSI safety rated. See our Wiley X prescription sunglasses here

VS Eyewear is proud that we can offer prescription safety glasses of high quality from trusted brands. We strive to offer the best optical safety gear possible for our customers. Only the best brands are carried by us. Wiley X is a favorite brand that we carry for our customers. They are a top manufacturer of prescription safety glasses. Wiley X Safety Glasses prides itself on its ability to keep up-to-date with the latest trends for prescription safety glasses. They have been offering optical safety protection since 1996 and have tirelessly worked to improve safety eyewear markets. Wiley X offers a broad range of ANSI approved eyewear for both individuals and corporations.

Wiley X safety glasses are versatile. They are fashionable, trendy, functional, fashionable and practical. Wiley X safety glasses are the result of a team of experts in prescription and safety eyewear. We are proud to announce that Wiley X prescription glasses are a top provider of protective eyewear across all industries and sectors. This optical expertise allows workers at all levels, from first responders to adjust their eyesight. Wiley X Safety glasses can be used if you require Foam Surround or Nonconductive, Welders, or IR glasses.

Many of our loyal customers have special needs. VS Eyewear can guarantee that you will find the Wiley X prescription safety glasses that are right for you. VS Eyewear is committed to providing the best optical protection in the industry, and Wiley X safety sunglasses are a great way for us to do this. You can order prescription safety glasses online with our easy online ordering process. This great system allows customers of VS Eyewear to add additional features, coatings, and prescriptions on their Wiley X safety sunglasses.

This allows VS Eyewear customers the ability to tailor their products to suit their needs. The VS Eyewear team is available to help customers select the right Wiley X safety glasses from start-to-finish. Wiley X glasses have been approved by ANSI to provide high-impact protection in all hazardous areas. Wiley X safety glasses can be used for many years. They can be customized to meet any customer’s requirements. Wiley X safety glasses are suitable for all workers, regardless of their industry. VS Eyewear offers a large selection of Wiley X prescription safety glasses. We have the best prescription safety sunglasses for both men and women, according to ANSI.

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