How to Protect Your Radiology Personnel from X-ray Radiation with Style

How to Protect Your Radiology Personnel from X-ray Radiation with Style

Oct 25, 2021

As a dental, medical provider, the use of radiographs is a standard diagnostic procedure.

As you know, X-ray diagnostics have an inherent radiation health safety issue that requires addressing.

Protection from radiation for your dental radiology personnel is of paramount importance. The use of a dental lead apron offers the protection required.

Dental Lead Aprons Features

Dental Radiation Lead Apron with Collar and Hanging loops by VS Eyewear provides the protection needed in dental and oral surgeon practices. The hanging loops make safely storing the aprons easy.

That’s right. The company that supplies safety eyewear, including radiation glasses, also sells x-ray protection equipment, including dental radiation lead aprons.

Features include:

  • Liquid proof
  • Non-slip underside
  • Offers .375mm lead equivalency
  • Lightweight (approximately seven pounds)
  • Adult size – 24″ x 25.5″ from the neck
  • Protective collar with Velcro closure
  • Two hanging loops for easy storage on racks or an apron hanger

These features make the dental lead aprons ideal for your practice.

Selection of Colors

VS Eyewear dental lead aprons are available in six colors.

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink 
  • purple
  • Red

These aprons are designed specifically for the dental and oral surgeon radiology team.

Protecting Your Lead Aprons

To protect your investment in lead aprons, VS Eyewear offers lead apron open-top hangers as well as racks. Both wall-mounted and mobile apron racks are available.

Not only do these products protect your aprons, but their use also allows you to locate your aprons when needed quickly and helps to keep your radiology department organized.

Other Radiation Protection Equipment

In addition to dental lead aprons, VS Eyewear has additional radiation safety products.

Products include:

  • Radiation protective clothing
  • Barriers and shields
  • Shielding glass
  • Lead sheeting
  • Radiation warning signs
  • Lead markers

For the safety of your radiology personnel, dental lead aprons are a must. With a selection of six colors, you can choose aprons in the color that compliments your office.

Contact VS Eyewear for your dental lead aprons and other radiation protection equipment.

 How to Protect Your Radiology Personnel from X-ray Radiation with Style

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