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VS Eyewear Corporate Prescription safety glass program


In the event that your workers require protective eyewear on the field, our Safety Eyeglass Plan simplifies the procurement and purchase procedure to guarantee that your staff has the best eye protection available. Our method takes the uncertainty and bother out of choosing the best eye protection for your employees.


The business plan for VS Eyewear allows you to give high-quality safety glasses to your personnel in a timely manner. Our team  can develop a plan of action that suits your specific company’s needs, all with the aid of a simple application procedure that includes discounts. 

In just a few easy steps, you can begin:

  1. Send us details about your firm.
  2. To assist you in deciding what fits your company, be sure to discuss frame alternatives and possibilities with our staff.
  3. Cost, alternatives accessible to your workers, and invoicing terms will all be determined by us.
  4. Decide who you’ll place your purchases with and how you’ll do it.
  5. Write to us with any particular pharmaceutical requests or place an online order.
  6. FedEx shipments will be used to complete the delivery.

In order to ensure that your workers are safe and to avoid risk, we supply you with quality eyewear that meets Occupational Safety & Health requirements. Your employees may safeguard their vision from serious hazards while also benefiting from corrective lenses for better eyesight, all with the help of this medical safety eyewear service.


VS Eyewear has already demonstrated to hundreds of customers that we have what is required to maintain your staff’s safety. On-the-job accidents and legal concerns are reduced when workers wear the right protective eyewear. Businesses can save time with our straightforward buying process and order level savings.

We also work within your budget. To guarantee that your safety eyewear needs fit within your budget, you may specify the monetary value that you’re prepared to spend per worker. VS Eyewear also covers all customer support needs, allowing you to better concentrate on operating your company. We also provide a promo code so that your colleagues may save money when they shop with us.

Our workplace safety eyeglass program is effective and simple to implement, making it a great option for both employees and managers. You may rest easy with the knowledge that your staff will be able to utilize the best safety glasses available, thanks to our simple purchasing process. Allowing us to do the hard-labor for you will also save you and your business a great deal of time.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on the program.

 VS Eyewear Corporate Prescription safety glass program

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