Get Yourself the Best Welding Safety Eyewear

Oct 25, 2021

One cannot underestimate the significance of welders in the economy with more than half of manufacturing and metal fabrication products in the United States heavily depending on welding. But welding can be dangerous without the right protective wear. It is rated a top cause of eye injury.

As welders carry on with their work, their eyes are exposed to “welder’s flash” with Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which causes conditions such as photokeratitis or ultraviolet (UV) keratitis. But photokeratitis does not affect the eyes immediately –one can start showing symptoms 6-12 hours after exposure, with pain being the most apparent one. While UV keratitis is a temporary eye condition, prolonged UV or IR exposure puts you at the risk of permanent eye damage or even complete blindness.

You wouldn’t want to quit or stay away from your welding job due to eye problems from “welder’s flash.” That’s why it is advisable to get yourself a pair of high-quality and dependable welding safety equipment from VS Eyewear.

We have a wide range of welding safety equipment and eyewear, including brazing safety glasses, athermal green lenses, welding safety glasses, and glass window sheeting &lenses for all your welding needs and applications. With us, everyone is guaranteed welding safety eyewear with lenses and remarkable brands that befit their needs and style.

Some of the lenses and shades include:

  • Welding green lenses for excellent protection from harmful infrared, UV, and extremely bright light produced during welding.
  • Cobalt blue lenses
  • 4-14 gold coated and mirror-coated safety glasses for special welding applications.
  • Green sheeting and lenses.

All our protective eyewear for welding purposes are made of high-quality German glass, making them long-lasting and resistant to bubbles, distortions, and scratches.

You Deserve the Best

Not every dealer can be trusted. Imagine going for welding safety glasses and getting sunglasses instead? Getting your welding safety equipment from VS Eyewear is a worthwhile investment that will guarantee you a positive ROI while keeping your eyes safe. Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for help. You can also visit our website for more of our welding safety eyeglasses.

 Get Yourself the Best Welding Safety Eyewear

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