How to Reduce Night-Time Road Glare: Five Tips

Aug 17, 2017

Most people don’t enjoy night driving. There’s little to see except your headlights and those of other cars. In addition, there’s the annoying and dangerous problem of road glare.

In order to see at night, the pupils must open wider to allow more light into the eyes. However, the glare from oncoming headlights contract the pupils and produces several seconds of temporary night blindness. This is very dangerous because your car can travel hundreds of feet during this time. Fortunately, there are a number of measures you can take to reduce night-time road glare.

Wash the inside and outside of Your Windshield

Although many people wash the exterior surface of their windshield, few do the same on the inside. Cigarette smoke, vapors released by plastic upholstery, and dust particles will cling to the windshield’s interior surface. Oil smudges from fingers also add to the film of grime. Dirt and grime on both surfaces of the windshield scatter light, which produces headlight glare. Eliminate this by keeping your windshield clean.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Tilt the side exterior mirrors slightly down so that the headlights of cars passing from behind don’t shine into your eyes. Using the mirrors will require that you tilt your head down just a bit to see the cars. Also flip your rear view mirror into its night position. This dims the reflected headlights of the cars following you.

Dim Your Dash Lights

Interior lighting reduces your ability to see the road at night. Your dashboard lights should be just bright enough so that you can read them, but no more.

Avert Your Eyes Away from Oncoming Headlights

Never stare at the headlights of a car in the opposing lane. Instead, look at the right side of your lane and use its edge or the white line to guide your steering. Your peripheral vision can track the oncoming car.

Wear Night Driving Glasses

Night driving glasses from VS Eyewear is an eyewear product with a unique coating on both the front and back surfaces. This coating prevents glare from headlights, street lamps, and other sources of glare. The lens itself is made from polycarbonate, which naturally blocks out harmful UV rays when driving (or doing any outdoor activity) during the day.

For more information on glare reduction or on our night driving glasses, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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