Weekend Activities That Require Prescription Safety Glasses

Aug 11, 2017

If you think prescription safety glasses are just for work, think again. If you’re an active person, then eye safety is an ongoing concern throughout your day, especially on weekends and vacations. When doing yard work, for example, lawnmowers and even grass trimmers are eye hazards. However, your need for prescription safety glasses extends beyond the yard:


Fishing can involve high-speed hooks flying through the air. If you often engage in this activity, there may come a time when a flying hook goes into an arm, your face, or worse, into an eye. It takes little imagination to appreciate the kind of eye damage that may occur.

Another fishing danger involves flying sinkers or lures, which are heavy enough to cause serious damage as well. These fast flying weights can shatter ordinary glasses, which in turn can cause an eye injury. This is why prescription safety glasses are a must when fishing. The wrap around style provides the best protection coverage and also looks good.

Car Work

Lead-acid car batteries produce hydrogen gas when they’re charging up or discharging, and a spark may cause an explosion. This can happen when connecting a battery charger to the leads or when connecting jumper cables.

When working under your car, rust, grit, and car fluids can fall into your face and eyes. In addition, if you’re knocking something loose with a tool, your eyes are vulnerable to high-speed flecks of metal. In both of these situations, protect your eyes with prescription safety glasses.

DIY Work

Home DIY work subjects the eyes to dangers similar to those faced by builders and construction workers. Just like them, you’re using power tools that can send high-speed projectiles your way. Eye hazards aren’t limited to power tools. For example, chiseling concrete or using compressed air can project particles into the eyes. The danger increases when working on surfaces at or above eye level.

Bungee Cord Use

Bungee cords can pop loose when under tension and send a high-speed hook at your face. This often happens during their placement or when taking them off, particularly when you’re close to their stretch limit and pulling very hard. Sometimes the hook will separate from the cord and the cord’s end will fling towards you.

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