Eyewear Frame and Prescription Lens Options for Outdoor Comfort

Aug 17, 2017

Most people enjoy the weather of summer and early fall. But even this pleasant time of year has its downsides. For example, summer means coping with pollen, and the sunshine of both summer and fall can cause too much glare for the eyes. However, by taking advantage of VS Eyewear’s large frame selection and prescription lens options, you can get a pair of glasses that suits your unique requirements. Here are two examples:

Hay Fever Allergies

Some days are worse than others for those with hay fever. Weather websites often have pollen forecasting, which allows you to choose the best days for an outing. However, when your schedule doesn’t allow such flexibility, the right choice of eyewear can minimize and even block pollen from reaching your eyes. For mild hay fever, a close-fitting pair of wrap-arounds will do the job. If you also get a UV protective coating on your lens, then you can take care of two outdoor problems at the same time.

Alternatively, for people with moderate to severe hay fever, some frame manufacturers such as Wiley X, have wrap-around frames with a removable foam seal. This seal protects against dust as well as pollen.


VS Eyewear offers many options for eliminating intense sunlight and glare. These include various colored tints and mirror coatings. If you’re just interested in cutting down sunlight, then gray and brown tints are good choices. In addition, you can include polarization with some of the tint colors. Polarized lenses are the best technology available for blocking glare.

If you also want to use your glasses for the indoors, consider getting transition tints. These tints automatically darken or lighten depending on the UV radiation exposure. When you’re outdoors in the sun, they darken. When you’re indoors, they become transparent.

If you need assistance in getting the right frame and prescription lens options that suit your particular requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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