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At VS Eyewear, we carry numerous forms of Magnifying Reading Glasses to assist with providing accurate and efficient viewing. We feature a large selection of bifocal, safety, real glass and standard reading glasses in a variety of magnification strengths. Loupes, handheld, hands-free, and clip-on, flip-up magnifiers are also available, as well as the prismatic magnification precision of the OptiSIGHT® or OptiVISOR LX®, the power boost of the OptiLOUPE®, and the illumination of the VisorLIGHT®. At home or a work, our array of magnification options will serve to bring the world a little bit closer.

Reading Glasses Strength: How to Find the Right Readers For You

There are many names for ready-made single-vision reading glasses. These include over-the-counter, ready readers and cheaters. These glasses are made to reduce the focus burden associated with near work such as reading. These are usually sold in grocery and pharmacy stores, but they are also available in book shops and clothing retailers. They can be purchased in common reading prescriptions, with strengths of +0.75 to +3.50 . These “magnifiers”, while they do increase the size of the object being viewed, are best used to focus the image and not magnify it.

These glasses cannot be tailored to individual needs. It will not take into account any refractive error or presence of astigmatism. Off-the-shelf glasses may be suitable for people who do not require correction for distance vision. If the individual has a need for correction in the distance, however, the chances are that the prescription glasses from the store will not be effective. These glasses are considered safe. However, a personalized prescription by an optometrist and made by a qualified optician will usually result in better vision correction, less headaches, and less discomfort. One problem with over-the-counter glasses, however, is that they can mask symptoms and cause a person to miss out on the benefits of routine vision examinations, such as early diagnosis of chronic diseases.

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