What You Need to Know When Shopping For Quartz Working Eye Protection

Oct 5, 2021

A quartz glassblower cannot use the same glasses as those working with art or Pyrex glass. The melting point of quartz is higher than art glass, and it does not have a yellow sodium flare. Most glass art and scientific glasses emit sodium flare while under a torch.

 When buying safety eyewear for quartz glass blowing, all you consider is infrared and the torch brightness. Sometimes a quartz glassblower may need to use other materials when forming a more significant piece.

In these scenarios, they need a different lens for protection. Quartz glass needs a welding shade of 6 or 8 as it is heated to a higher temperature and has a high amount of harmful radiation (UV and IR).

What To Look For in Quartz Working Eye Protection Safety Glasses

Some safety glasses workers get are not the right glasses. It becomes hard to tell without knowing a few facts. One of the things to look out for when buying safety glasses is:

·         ANSI Z87.1 Standard

OSHA has a standard for eye protection which the American National Standards Institute for personal eye and face protectors adopted in 2015. This standard is known as the ANSI Z87.1 and sets out the criteria for safety eyeglasses.

Compliance with the ANSI Z87.1 standards means the glasses need rigorous testing to suit the safety standards. The frames and lenses should pass an impact rating and see whether they can stand exposure to chemicals and radiation. The safety glasses also test for corrosion and ignition. They must have minimal physical area coverage to protect the eyes thoroughly.

As required by ANSI Z87.1, the safety glasses should have permanent and clear markings on specified areas.

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 What You Need to Know When Shopping For Quartz Working Eye Protection

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