Sizing Information for Clip-ons and Flip-ups

Oct 22, 2021

Frames for Clip-On/Flip-up Sunglasses: How to Measure

Comparing the design of clip-on eyeglasses to the frames of prescription glasses is the very first stage in selecting the suitable clip-on glasses. Select  the model that is closest to your current frame in order for the clip-on frames to cover the full frame. Take a measurement of the spectacles’ length. Make sure you take measurements of the glasses from their center. If the clip-on shades do not come in the identical size as the prescription lenses, ensure they are at least a bit bigger. Your eyes are entirely shielded from the sunlight as a result of this. Many clip-on shades are generally categorized as small, mid-sized, or wide and are measured in centimeters rather than inches. 

You must evaluate the lens’s breadth and length.  Do  understand that it’s preferable to go a size bigger than it is to go a size lower. After you’ve fitted your glasses, use our sizing guide for clip-on/flip-up shades to discover the ideal fit. The square clip-on flip-up shades come in the widest variety of dimensions and may be used over any kind of frame shape for protection.

Advice for safe usage of clip-ons and flip-ups

The clip-on shades are made to be worn outdoors to protect the eyes from the harsh sun. However, there are still precautions one must take when using them for outdoor purposes. 

  • Even if you’re wearing clip-on shades, avoid looking straight at the sunlight.
  • Avoid wearing clip-on eyeglasses while riding in a car at nighttime, or in dimly lighted areas such as inside, in woodlands, or when passing through a corridor.
  • It is not recommended to wear clip-on spectacles for sports because the lens is not intended to provide shock absorption.
  • When traveling, operating heavy machinery, or participating in sports, do not try to put on or remove the clip-on shades.
  • Examine your clip-on glasses for indications of damage on a regular basis, and exchange them if they are significantly damaged or unsafe for use. 
  • If you leave your clip-on glasses exposed to rain for an extended amount of time, or if they are placed in the case while still damp, the lens, body, and cover may be damaged.

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 Sizing Information for Clip-ons and Flip-ups

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