VS Eyewear Clip-on sizing information

VS Eyewear Clip-on sizing information

Sep 30, 2021

Guide to Estimating and Utilizing the Size Guide for your Visionaries

First off,  in order to guarantee a proper fit, print the Visionaries clip-on sunglasses sizing guide before buying. To guarantee that the guide works at 100%, you have to choose the actual size.  For the proper Visionaries Clip on glasses, download the Size Guide (PDF).

Utilizing the Size Chart for Visionaries’ Clip-On Sunglasses

The only method to determine the right size is to PRINT the sizing guidelines at 100% and afterwards place your eyeglasses over the outlines to determine which clip-on frame fits. Sadly, because opticians evaluate lens proportions differently, you can’t merely glance at the relevant size chart on your monitor and match the lens measures to the frame size figures engraved on your real glasses. The sizing recommendation on the monitor alone will not give an exact result. Change the “Page Scale” choice in the printing message box to “None.” This is to print the specified size guide accurately at 100 percent. If there is a “Fit to Page” choice, ensure it is not chosen. Print a copy of these directions to use as a reference while printing and assembling the size guidelines. 


  1. Navigate to the bottom of the webpage that details your chosen clip-on design and follow the button that gives the option to download the PDF size guide. 
  2. Select the Print button once the PDF window pops up.
  3. Verify that “Actual size” is chosen once the Print pop – up window opens. How the PDF print box on certain platforms looks can vary by browser. You may need to disable “Fit to page” or “Page Scaling”, alternatively.
  4. Finally, press the Print button to get a 100% printout of the sizing guidelines.

How do you connect the clip-ons to your spectacles?

The spring-bridge pressure and four tiny clips on either side of each lens, keep these clip-on sunglasses in position. Steel, polymer, or rimless glasses having lenses less than or equal to 5 mm thick at the corners can slide over the clamps. When selecting the form and dimension of clip-ons to buy, be careful to print out and double-check that the location of the clips as specified on the sizing charts overlaps your lens frames; else, the sunglasses will not be firmly fastened.

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 VS Eyewear Clip-on sizing information

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