How To Select the Best Lampworking Eyewear

Sep 30, 2021

Lampworking is a rewarding pastime that has recently been gaining in popularity. However, it does have its hazards, and like any hobby comes with its own set of required tools and safety equipment. Because you’ll be using a torch during lampwork, regular, clear safety glasses will offer no real protection for your eyes — especially from infrared and ultraviolet light. When selecting lampworking eyewear, here are a few things to keep in mind.

With What Type of Glass Do You Work?

While different types of glass are used in lampworking, some of the most common are “soft glass” (such as lead glass or soda-lime glass) and “hard glass” (borosilicate glass). If you’re working with soft glass, you’ll need a lens that protects you from sodium flare and UV light. If hard glass is your material of choice, then you’ll need glasses that protect against sodium flare, UV, and infrared light. 

Do You Wear Prescription Lenses?

If you already wear prescription glasses on a day-to-day basis, clip-on lampworking eyewear is a practical option. However, if you work with different glass types often, frequently changing clip-on lenses may get cumbersome. In this case, getting prescription lampworking glasses made is a good compromise.

What About Side Shields?

Side shields are plastic attachments that protect your eyes from liquid and flying objects that could potentially hit you where traditional glasses offer no protection. Since glass could shatter during lampworking, an investment in eyewear with side shields is money well spent.

Selecting Your Lampworking Eyewear

When you’re ready to pick out your ideal pair of safety glasses, VS Eyewear has a full selection of lampworking eyewear for men and women in all shades, styles, and coverages, including clip-ons and prescription glasses. We also carry safety eyewear for every other type of glassworking. Contact us today for the perfect lampworking eyewear for your projects.

 How To Select the Best Lampworking Eyewear

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