Clip on Sunglasses


Polarized Clip On sunglasses might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Wearing prescription glasses and finding a good pair of sunglasses to go with them is often a struggle. Maybe they do not fit over your current frame or you find it uncomfortable to wear two glasses simultaneously. Clip-on sunglasses are the solution to that problem: with them, you can easily convert your prescription glasses to sunglasses.

The name of this frame is pretty straightforward: they are literally, as the name suggests, clip-on sunglasses. That means that it features dark lenses for sunlight protection in a frame clipped on over your regular glasses.

At VS Eyewear you find the best variety and the highest-quality clip-on sunglasses on the market. Here we offer twenty shapes of clip ons, so we have the right match for you no matter the style of your eyeglasses. Plus, the frames of our clip ons are available in multiple sizes and four different classic colors – all to give you exactly what you need. And that’s not everything: VS Eyewear polarized clip on sunglasses are available in a variety of different lens colors. Here the possibilities are endless.

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