How to Pick the Right Laser Safety Glasses for Your Application

How to Pick the Right Laser Safety Glasses for Your Application

Oct 4, 2021

Laser beams may cause eye burns, which may lead to the development of cataracts and vision loss. Radiation with wavelengths below 400 and above 1400 nanometers causes corneal heating as it is absorbed through the cornea and lens. Wavelengths between these extremes cause retina heating and burning, leading to significant damage to the eye in a short period. If you are constantly exposed to laser light in your work environment, you are likely to have vision problems in the end if you do not take precautions. 

Laser Safety Glasses may Protect Your Eyes

VS Eyewear, Inc. has a vast range of laser absorptive filter glasses to provide lasting protection when exposed to radiation. These safety glasses come in polycarbonate or glass filters, and these are discussed next.

Polycarbonate Filters 

Polycarbonate filters are impact-resistant, lightweight, and affordable lenses for use in a wide variety of laser environments. They offer varying broadband filter capabilities and wavelength absorption.  To achieve this, experts at VS Eyewear, Inc. use various dyes based on the application. Polycarbonate filter lenses are best suited for low to mid-power laser protection needs.

 Glass Filters 

Glass filters are best suited for applications that require a higher visible light transmission. Some wavelengths can only be filtered out by glass. If the application for which you want a glass filter is not covered with the available products, you can have a custom glass filter developed for you. Some applications require altering the glass thickness to filter additional wavelengths. 

Glass filters are best suited for mid to high-power-density laser applications. They have excellent color balance, but you must be extra careful when handling them.

The choice of a laser filter depends on the wavelength of the laser light, its power, and whether you need to see the light beam. You also need to check the visible light transmission requirements and the glasses’ optical density. VS Eyewear experts can help you choose suitable filters based on these variables. Contact them today!

 How to Pick the Right Laser Safety Glasses for Your Application

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