Shade Your Eyes With Fitover Sunglasses

Shade Your Eyes With Fitover Sunglasses

Nov 13, 2020

When you wear glasses, it’s often a challenge to shade your eyes without giving up the ability to see. While several workarounds ranging from prescription sunglasses to clip-on lenses exist and may work for you, these aren’t ideal for everyone. No matter the reason why, it all adds up to blinding light and annoyance.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a new option to shade your eyes with, try fitover sunglasses. Unlike your other sunglasses options, fitovers are not prescription lenses — they’re an entirely new set of glasses that sit over your normal glasses. While it may work on the same logic of placing some sunglasses on top of your normal glasses, the results are dramatically different.

Fitover sunglasses are specially designed to sit securely over prescription glasses to stay on your face and avoid scratching your lenses. Made in a variety of sizes, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding a pair that match with your glasses. This goes for size as well as style as fitovers are extremely diverse in their colors and construction.

Speaking of construction, one of the best points of fitover sunglasses is how sturdy they are. In general, fitovers are much more durable than a pair of clip-on lenses and match or exceed the likes of normal sunglasses, making carrying them around a worry-free process. Unlike with other options, there’s little chance of crushing them in your pocket and no need for the hassle of swapping out your prescription lenses and setting them up for the danger of being damaged instead.

There’s a lot to love about fitover sunglasses with what’s outlined here being just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about these convenient lenses, contact VS Eyewear today with all your questions. VS Eyewear has a wide selection of fitover sunglasses and other eyeglass products to choose from, all online to make shopping easy.

 Shade Your Eyes With Fitover Sunglasses

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