Protecting your eyes when you wear prescription glasses

Nov 13, 2020

  What do I do when I go outside?  It has always been an issue for those wearing glasses. Today, you have so many options, and that just makes it that much more difficult to choose the right one.  

     Option one: Transitions lenses are a brand of lenses that, as you may guess from the name, transition light to dark.  These lenses are good, quickly changing to match the light level, without having to change glasses or attach anything else to the glasses you are wearing. They come in multiple levels and each serves a niche admirably.  There is an upgrade charge associated to them, typically not covered by insurance, and your color choice is limited, but they are very serviceable, and a good option.

     Option two: A second pair of dedicated prescription sunglasses. Another good option, fully functional sunglasses in your prescription, so full protection without straining your eyes to be able to see. This is a great option, with a big caveat. You have the cost of an extra pair of glasses, again not typically covered by insurance. But with a variety of styles and colors available, it leaves you with stylish protection for your eyes.

    Option three:  Visionaries polarized clip-ons, available from VS Eyewear in many popular sizes and shapes to fit your particular glasses.  Not only are they polarized and fully UV protected like a good pair of sunglasses, but they are available in a variety of colors to match your personal taste. Unlike the flip-up style, the clip-on styling gives a secure fit without attaching to the lens itself. Often the appearance is seamless, appearing that you are wearing dedicated sunglasses. Installation of the clip-on Visionaries is quick and easy, simply pull lightly, push them over the glasses and release, allowing them to grip the frame of your glasses. Removing them is just as simple and quick, just pull lightly and slip them off. Unlike a second pair of dedicated prescription, if you should mislay them, you are not faced with the cost of another pair of prescription glasses, making these a very attractive option that gives the full benefit of prescription sunglasses without the cost. Of these three options, the Visionaries polarized clip-on is the perfect marriage of feature, function, and cost. 

 Protecting your eyes when you wear prescription glasses

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