Drive Safer at Night With Night Driving Glasses

Nov 21, 2020

Driving at night can be a perilous experience for even the best navigators. Even with headlights, you can only do so much to push back the darkness. No matter how cautious you might be or how many years you’ve been on the road, there always feels like there’s more you could be doing to ensure the safety of yourself and others when the sun goes down.

Thankfully, there is now. No longer will you have to struggle to make out what’s ahead of you on a dark road with the advent of specialized night driving glasses. Specially designed to make it easier to see in even the darkest of nights, you can use these for all sorts of purposes in addition to driving.

The secret behind these glasses are the special anti-reflective yellow lenses. AR lenses gain their specialized properties through a thin coating of zircon and silicon applied to the glasses, cutting down on glare that might blind you while also amplifying the brightness in the environment. Combined with the lens color’s ability to help make things more readable in the dark, night driving glasses that use this technology have shown around an 8% increase in how much light is transmitted to your eyes.

Not only will you be able to see better at night, you’ll look better while doing it. Night driving glasses come in a huge variety of styles and varieties to customize to your style. There are even clip-on lenses you can apply to your existing prescription glasses, allowing you to benefit from the enhanced night vision without compromising your overall vision.

There’s a ton to love about night driving glasses, especially if you’re someone who’s on the road at all hours of the day. To learn more about these and many other types of glasses and corrective or cosmetic lenses, head over to VS Eyewear today.

 Drive Safer at Night With Night Driving Glasses

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