Stay Safe With New Radiation Glasses

Jul 11, 2020

The modern world has more sources of radiation than you’d imagine. While you’re unlikely to mutate into a horrible monster, it’s still worth taking care to reduce the amount of radiation you body is subjected to during the day for the sake of your health. This is especially true for those in fields that tend to work around large sources of radiation, including scientists, dentists, and others.

We have great overall coverage for our bodies when it comes to radiation, but it seems like there’s a pretty crucial organ that’s typically overlooked — the eyes. Eyes an extremely delicate and extremely critical organ with minimal protection from radiation. Letting them take the full brunt of even short-term exposure to radiation can definitely hurt, so it’s high time you get yourself some quality radiation glasses.

Radiation glasses are specially designed eyewear that shield your eyes from radiation by creating a barrier. Rather than just glass or plastic lenses like conventional eyeglasses, radiation glasses combine lead into the makeup. Lead dampens or entirely blocks out radiation depending on the strength, meaning you have much less to worry about when faced with something radioactive.

When used in conjunction with other radiation-proofing equipment like lead vests, you can protect yourself and others from the harmful issues caused by radiation exposure. The best part is that you don’t have to sacrifice the ability to see if you use prescription lenses since radiation glasses can be made to your prescription. There are also fitover radiation lenses available that sit overtop your normal glasses and provide the same benefits.

If you’re in the market for radiation glasses now that you know the full extent of your options, there’s no better place to shop than VS Eyewear. With a wide variety of radiation glasses, radiation equipment, and general eyewear, there’s no end to the options or the savings. Contact us today with any questions about our products or for ordering assistance.

 Stay Safe With New Radiation Glasses

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