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Seven Costa Lenses for the way you Fish

Whether you fish for a living or for fun, what you see on the water can make the difference between success and going home skunked. Costa del Mar fishing glasses are the choice of dedicated fisherman worldwide and offer the right lens choices for how you fish, from the tuna grounds off the eastern seaboard to the bass meccas of the American heartlands.

Costa Blue Mirror

Distinctive Costa Blue Mirror lenses are a favorite with captains and anglers who hunt big fish on the open seas. They help cut glare in the harshest sun and reduce eye fatigue.

Costa Green Mirror

The ticket for targeting tarpon, bonefish and reds on the flats, Costa Green Mirror lenses enhance contrast so you can get ahead of tailing fish.

Costa Gray Silver Mirror

A good choice for inland fishing and everything on or off the water. Costa Silver Mirror lenses are also a great choice for overcast days or driving.

Costa Copper Silver Mirror

If site fishing trout in lakes and streams is your game, then Costa Copper Silver lenses are the choice for you. They enhance contrast, especially early and late in the day and when it’s cloudy.

Costa Gray

Costa Gray lenses are one of the best all-around choices. They enhance natural contrast and are equally useful on the water or on the land.

Costa Copper

Costa Copper lenses are another great choice for cloudy days and inland use. Like Costa Gray lenses they are highly versatile.

Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror

The ideal lens for fishing dawn and dusk, or prolonged overcast conditions in locations such as the salmon rivers of the Pacific Northwest. Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses deliver more light when you need it for best contrast.

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 Seven Costa Lenses for the way you Fish

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