What Are Your Options When You Have a High Prescription for Your Lenses

Sep 17, 2019

If you have a high prescription for your corrective lenses, you’re probably used to dealing with limited options.

Even over the past few decades, poor vision meant bulky lenses with a rainbow effect on the edges, clunky frames, and heavy glasses overall. They also bent the light to give you small eyes or heavily magnified ones. Luckily, science has come pretty far in fixing a lot of those options to give people with high prescriptions more options. Here are three options you can revisit if you were told no even just a few years ago.

Wraparound Glasses

One of the downsides of wearing glasses is the loss of peripheral vision. Wraparound glasses are a potential solution to this. The threshold for glasses wearers with high prescription levels is getting higher and higher as the technology improves, so they may be within your sights now. If you’re ordering glasses online, always call the company to make sure the listed wraparound options are actually available in your prescription.

Better Materials

The thicker your glasses lenses are, the more what you see can warp in the edges of your vision. That’s why thinner, lighter materials are almost always better when they’re possible. Look into material options like High Index lenses and polycarbonate lenses. They provide a better user experience than traditional glass lenses, especially because they’re light.

Lens Coatings

Coatings for glasses lenses rarely have a prescription-based barrier. But, historically, they had a cost barrier that made many glasses wearers reconsider. Now that protective coatings and tints are becoming the norm, you should certainly consider loading up your lenses with all of the protective features available. While it’s possible to go a day or two when you break low-prescription glasses, that’s dangerous when your prescription is high.

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