4 Hazards of Nighttime Driving That Can Wreck Your Vision

Sep 17, 2019

Nighttime driving is well-known to be more dangerous than daytime driving, even if the traffic dies down a little in the dark.

Make sure you’re as safe as possible with night-driving glasses that protect you from these hazards.

1. LED-based light pollution

LEDs have become the popular go-to light choice because they’re bright and energy-efficient. But that means lots of businesses and municipalities have just switched out traditional bulbs for LEDs and increased overall bursts of brightness throughout your city. That scattered light pollution can be blinding and distracting.

2. Screen glare from your car’s console (or your phone)

More and more cars have digital screens instead of manual controls. If you have to glance at your console to make a change, that can hurt how well you see the world when you glance back up. Your phone can also light up in the corner of your vision. Make sure you preserve more of your night vision and save your eyes form intermittent screen glare. 

3. The headlight brightness of passing cars

Even if the cars on the other side of the road don’t have their brights on, their headlights can still be disorienting. Properly tinted night-driving eyewear can protect your eyes from the high levels of contrast so you can keep driving safely when they’re in front of you and once they pass you by.

4. Sudden bursts of light during long drives

Depending on how long your drive is, you may pass through urban blocks with lots of light, suburban streets with intermittent street lamps, and rural areas without any light at all. If your vision isn’t protected, sudden changes in lighting can delay your reactions to changes in the flow of traffic.

If you’ve noticed that nighttime driving is getting harder or more stressful, make selecting a pair of night-driving eyewear a priority. VS Eyewear carries a large selection of options and styles. Browse through our night-driving glasses here.

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