3 Reasons to Use Prescription Safety Glasses on the Job

Sep 12, 2019

Whether it’s a lab, a factory, or any other workplace where things are likely to fly into your eyes without warning, proper protection is a must.

While slapping on a pair of goggles is all that’s needed for many, those who wear prescription glasses already are often in a bit of a bind. While many goggles can fit over your normal lenses, they’re often quite stuffy and prone to fogging. Even worse, many goggles don’t fit over glasses, meaning you’re essentially forced to choose how long you want to not be able to see – a short amount of time or potentially forever.

Nothing about this situation is good, so it’s lucky we’ve finally got a decent workaround. Prescription safety glasses are readily available to many people, so here are three reasons to use them on the job from now.

1. Comfort

As mentioned earlier, wearing non-prescription safety goggles over your normal prescription glasses isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. While comfort isn’t exactly the main concern when safety is involved, you’re a lot less likely to mess things up if you’re not in a constant state of irritation and foggy glasses. This also applies to prescription goggles, as those who don’t enjoy the feeling of things pressed against their faces have an safe alternative with safety glasses.

2. Better Clarity

Simply put, wearing safety glasses makes for better clarity compared to doubling up on lenses. In addition to the minute blurriness gained from seeing the world through a second set of glass, there’s the aforementioned fogging issue that plagues many people who wear glasses and goggles. Eliminate this problem altogether and just wear safety glasses.

3. Versatility

Prescription safety glasses are incredibly versatile in their construction. While this isn’t to say goggles can’t be, having safety glasses with just as many if not more options compared to goggles is a definite plus.

Eye safety is important no matter where you work. If you’re fed up with the problems of prescription glasses and safety goggles doubling up, check out VS-Eyewear’s wide variety of prescription safety glasses and other eyewear to find what you’ve been needing.

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