Ditch the Extra Glasses; Clip on a Pair of Flip up Sunglasses!

Feb 8, 2019

If you wear glasses, you know how much of a pain sunny days can be.

Having to switch back and forth between your regular eyewear and sunglasses is a cumbersome reality any glasses-wearer will inevitably face; but why deal with the hassle when there’s and easier solution? VS Eyewear’s Clip on Flip Up Sunglasses are the perfect product to ease the struggle of switching lenses! Our Flip Up Sunglasses are polarized, granting you ultimate protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, as well as shading your eyes from its scorching glare. Our Flip Up Sunglasses patented, all metal, flip up mechanism is virtually indestructible, scratch resistant, and attaches easily to the top of your glasses frames giving you a simple, tough pair of sunglasses that you can put on with a simple flip!

VS Eyewear’s Clip on Flip Up Sunglasses are perfect for anyone who wears glasses. No more fumbling for sunglasses in the car, in the boat or on the bike. Clip on sunglasses allow you the freedom to ditch the extra pair of glasses, while keeping the functionality of glare resistant, polarized lenses. Our Flip Up Sunglasses are scratch resistant and highly durable, making them perfect for a day at the beach, a trip on the boat, or a hike in the wilderness; all without the worry of annoying scratches, scrapes or cracks!

VS Eyewear’s wide selection of Clip on Flip Up Sunglasses fit nearly every lens size or style. Our glasses are also available in several shades of tint, so you can choose one that fits your specific needs. For example: grey for general sun protection, brown for fishing and golfing, copper for driving, and more. VS Eyewear’s clip on sunglasses are custom-made to fit your needs!

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