Switch Between Light Levels with Ease Using Visionaries Clip-Ons

Sep 12, 2019

It can be a real pain wearing prescription lenses in high-contrast or extremely bright locations. You can really swap out with a pair of sunglasses or you’ll be unable to see.

Prescription sunglasses are always an option but they’re typically pretty expensive, at least as much as a new pair of regular glasses. And even the regular clip-on sunglasses are usually pretty flimsy and painful to look at.

That’s why you need to try Visionaries by Shade Control. Far from the regular clip-on sunglasses, the patented stainless steel frame construction makes Visionaries a step above what you’re used to. Made from quality materials and designed to look just as good as your normal pair of prescription lenses, they’re a functional accessory that you won’t feel like a total chump for wearing.

Visionaries come in a variety of colors for both the lens and frames. For frames, these range from black, bronze, gold, and gunmetal, while lenses have numerous different shades of blue, red, copper, silver, yellow, green, and more, many of which have a mirrored finish. Speaking of lenses, you’ve got the option to choose between polarized and polycarbonate-based materials. You can even get clip-on Visionaries in your prescription, too.

One of the best features of Visionaries is just how tough they are. As we mentioned earlier, each pair of clip-on lenses is made from high quality materials. Not only does this make them feel a lot more legitimate and a lot less flimsy, it improves their durability by a lot. You won’t have to fear damaging your clip-ons when you’re using these, as they’re tough enough to stand up to even the most rigorous of situations – appropriate given how often those situations call for eye protection.

Visionaries clip-on lenses are a great tool for anyone who wants a better option for blocking out UV light. If you’ve got any comments or questions about these or any of our other great products, contact VS-Eyewear today.

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