JAN 14

Screens Damage Eyes, Computer Glasses Save Them

Technology has drastically sped up the productivity in nearly every profession and has enabled people to stay in touch on the go. Because of this advancement, citizens all around the globe are spending hours each day looking at some type of screen.

What many users don’t know; however, is that screens emit blue light that is damaging to the eyes. Blue light is one of the closest forms of light to UV light and can cause eye strain, fatigue, headaches, dried eyes, blurred vision, and sleep deprivation. Its short wavelength tricks our brains into thinking that it is day time and then reacts by withholding melatonin. This response makes it difficult to sleep, which can lead to a plethora of other health issues. 

The solution to this dilemma are glasses engineered by VS Eyewear. The Sheer Glare computer glasses block glare, UV rays, and blue light using coated polycarbonate plastic lens. This means that the glasses can not only be worn for computers, but also outdoors to block out the sun’s damaging rays. There are multitudes of styles ranging anywhere from classic metal frames to clip-ons, each with several colors to choose from. One of the advantages provided by VS Eyewear is the ability to choose the strength of protection as well as offering both clear and amber style computer glasses. Gamers will be particularly intrigued to know that Gunnar Optiks glasses are also offered on the site.

Whether you are in a career that requires hours on a computer or love to play video games all night, computer glasses will ensure that your eyes do not deteriorate prematurely. They look stylish and can even help you sleep at night. They are also a great gift to give to a loved one who experiences too much screen time. To learn more about VS Eyewear or computer glasses, contact us.

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