3 Reasons to Invest in Prescription Safety Glasses for Your Employees

Jan 14, 2019

Sometimes safety glasses aren’t enough. If your employees are frequently exposed to dangers like lasers and radiation, make sure their protective eyewear fits their prescription.

Here are three reasons why you should make prescription safety glasses part of a company program instead of leaving it in the hands of your employees.

1. Make following safety procedures easier.

Safety glasses protect against a host of injuries and long-term health concerns. Depending on the hazards in your building, safety glasses are the best defense against everything from slowly forming cataracts to dangerous sparks. But there are still lots of barriers to having 100% compliance with safety policies.

Sometimes it’s not enough equipment, and sometimes it’s not having the right equipment. Solve both potential problems by giving employees the safety glasses they need. Then they don’t have to choose between protecting their eyes and being able to see their work.

2. Blurry views distort details.

If your employees have to have their glasses to have any chance of seeing, the best they can do with standard safety glasses is double-stack them. But have thick masks and glasses over their prescription glasses will still obscure the details. In some circumstances, that can be even more dangerous.

Safety-conscious employees with a mild prescription may be able to wear just the safety lenses to do the majority of their work. But that still leaves the risk of poor visibility. It also means they’ll have to work more slowly to double-check all of the details.

3. It shows employees you care.

Prescription safety lenses aren’t just a good investment because they keep your company compliant with safety regulations and lower the risk of errors. It also indicates that you care about employee safety. So create a company policy that makes it easy to order prescription safety glasses. Your technicians and experts will stay longer with that personal attention to detail and the good work environment it fosters.

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