3 Signs That Lenses Are Just Right for Night Driving

Jan 14, 2019

Lots of glasses say that they’re a great fit for night-time driving. But there are so many hazards once the sun goes down that it’s important to make sure you’re getting a right fit. 

Just like regular wear sunglasses, the lenses have to block glare, too bright of light, and UV radiation. But they also can’t obstruct your vision in low-light environments. Unless you trust the brand, you need to know that you’re getting good lenses before you buy them. Here are three signs to look for:

Do the glasses have yellow lenses?

Different tint colors bring different benefits. Night-time driving exposes your eyes to a lot of blue light, and the best way to offset that part of the spectrum is with yellow lenses. Yellow tint also helps brighten up the view through the lenses, which is essential when you’re in low-light environments between street lights. 

If you don’t like the idea of yellow lenses, a peach tint can provide many of the same advantages. With clear lenses, you can tap into a few of the benefits of a good anti-glare finish, but it’s not the same.

Is the protective coating double-sided?

The protective coating on night-time driving glasses helps your eyes find equilibrium between bright lights and pitch black roads. But if that coating is too thick, it might distort the view. So get the benefits without the downside by finding glasses with a thin coating on either side of the lens.

Can they also be used for night-time computer work?

Many of the eyesores you come across while driving at night are also at your office desk. The bright blue glare of your computer’s screen is hard on your eyes, especially if you are surrounded by dim lighting. So find glasses that are designed to help you in both environments.

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