Freedom & Protection: The Advantage Of Visionaries Polarized Clip Ons

Jan 11, 2019

It’s no secret that polarized sunglasses provide some of the best clarity and protection under the full glare of the sun. Anytime you’re out in the full light of day, few things give you quite as much of an edge as these. 

With that in mind, Visionaries’ polarized clip-ons give you the benefit of full polarizing efficiency in a form that’s compact, versatile, and easy to use. In essence, they offer the same clarity and protection as regular polarized sunglasses while giving you the freedom to use with your prescription glasses as needed.

Visionaries’ polarized lenses either meet or exceed all international standards for optics, UV protection, and polarizing efficiency. All of their sun lenses filter 100% of UV light up to 400nm, giving you a powerful advantage over potential eye damage and over-brightness. They also feature the optical industry’s most comprehensive fit kit, coming in a large variety of sizes and shapes and allowing you to find just the right fit to suit your needs. Their stainless steel construction and functioning rim locks work to keep them both sturdy and secure. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing or breaking them while they’re attached. The Shade Control clips are designed to keep the polarized horizontal axis intact and never compromised. You’ll also have a selection of four colors to choose from for both the lenses and frame. In short, you’ll have the advantages of clarity, protection, convenience, and customization that few other products could offer alongside your prescription glasses. 

At VS-Eyewear, we offer a broad range of high quality products to help our customers see their best. We take our profession seriously by making exceptional eyewear such as this available for our customers’ needs. Visit us here to learn more about us and feel free to browse through our catalog of high quality glasses, lenses, and other optical equipment like these. 

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