Prescription Lens Options Everyone Who Wears Glasses Should Consider

Jan 14, 2019

Whether you are looking to invest in new safety glasses for work, or it is merely time to update your everyday glasses, it is important that you take some time to consider what options you might want to add to your prescription lenses.

For people who wear glasses full-time, choosing the right options when ordering new lenses can be the difference between being comfortable all day and being frustrated by obstructed vision. Whether you are new to wearing glasses or you are about to buy your tenth pair, you should take a moment to consider investing in these lens upgrades:

Anti-Scratch Coating

While eyeglass lens technology has come a long way, and certain lens materials are now extremely scratch-resistant, the fact is that even the highest quality lenses can get scratched at some point, particularly if you wear your glasses full-time. However, one of the most frustrating things for someone who wears glasses is to have a scratch in the middle of their line-of-sight. If this has been a problem for you, you may want to consider adding an anti-scratch coating to your next pair of glasses, as this will help to protect your lenses from scratching.   

Hydrophobic Coating

If you work outside, frequently find yourself in messy situations, or you do a lot of physical activity, then you may have had problems with your glasses getting dirty easily. You may then want to consider investing in a hydrophobic coating for your next pair of glasses. This coating works by creating a barrier on your lenses that protect them from messes by helping to repel water, dirt, and body oils. This can be a lifesaver for people who constantly find themselves caught in the rain or fighting oily smudges on their glasses.  

Photochromic/Transition Lenses  

If you spend a lot of time going back and forth between the inside and outside, or you do not like the idea of having more than one pair of glasses, then you should consider investing in Transition Lenses that transition from light to dark when exposed to UV light. This will prevent you from having to constantly switch between your regular glasses and prescription sunglasses when you go outside, allowing you to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays without the hassle.

When ordering your next pair of glasses/prescription lenses, it is important to remember that your glasses are an investment in your daily comfort. Choosing the right add-ons can help to make your daily life more enjoyable as you will not have to fight with your glasses. Contact us to learn more about prescription lens add-ons you should consider when ordering glasses.

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