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3 Ways to Make Your Prescription Safety Glasses Better

If you bought safety glasses years ago, you were probably underwhelmed by the lack of options available in the safety ratings, size, and materials you needed to protect your staff. But now the lenses come in all shapes and sizes. They even come with additional features based on the minimum ANSI specifications your company’s dangerous equipment demands. Here are even more ways to make sure your supply of safety gear always has a great fit for one of the employees:

1. Get wraparounds with bifocals.

Wraparound glasses provide more protection when someone’s handling matter that can be physically dangerous. If your staff handles welding or abrasion tools that can send meal and sparks in their direction, they need more than front-facing eye protection. Wraparounds shield eyes from peripheral damage, and they also can’t fall off during abrupt movements.

But bifocals are even better. If your staff might be switching from reading detailed designs and making small changes, that might leave them switching between pairs of glasses. Not only does that increase the likelihood of the glasses getting broken, it means their eyes spend time completely unprotected.

2. Keep a supply with standard reading glasses prescriptions.

Most of your employees probably have contacts if they have a strong prescription. But even people with prescription lenses and otherwise adequate vision need readers on occasion. Instead of waiting for employees to ask or for problems to arise, keep a supply of safety glasses with common prescriptions. These can be communally shared without breaking HIPAA regulations.

3. Find better goggles with longer wear times.

Goggles can be uncomfortable halfway through a procedure, let along halfway through a shift. So look for goggles with:

  • soft foam eyepieces to reduce pressure,
  • vents to prevent fogging and sweatiness, and
  • wider wraparound bands for more comfort.

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