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Persistent Headaches: Computer Glasses Can Help

Living in our modern age, most people spend a significant amount of time using their computer. Whether they’re working, socializing, or trying to catch up on the latest show, users are staring at computer screens for long periods of times which can cause persistent headaches. Computer glasses can help.

Where do these headaches come from?

One cause for the headaches is the consistent eye-straining while attempting to read the screen. Most people have their computers just far enough away that their eyes will continue to readjust repeatedly to capture what is being seen. This long-term focusing can hurt the eyes as well as cause a headache.
Another cause of headaches while using a computer comes from working in highly lit rooms. Not only are we dealing with the reflection from our own equipment, but our eyes are also having to adjust to reflections from the windows, lights, and possibly other computer screens.

How can computer glasses help?

Computer glasses, both Sheer Vision and Sheer Glare, have a unique coating on both and front and the back surfaces that will eliminate the glare from computer monitors and protect eyes from UV lights. These products are high-quality and comfortable so the frames also won’t press against the sides of people’s heads and add tension to a possible headache.

Using these glasses, people will be able to stare at a computer screen longer without worrying about significant eye-strain. Their eyes can relax while looking through the oily textured lenses and capture the words on the screen without substantial hurt or damage to their eyesight.
For more information on computer glasses, visit VS Eyewear‘s website to check out their wide variety of options on eyewear, including computer classes. In our modern age, it’s difficult to keep our eyes off computer screens and mobile devices, so ensuring our eyes are protected is essential.

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