Three Reasons Night Driving Glasses Will Benefit You

Aug 2, 2018

Driving at night is difficult on the eyes, especially for people who already wear glasses every day. The headlights from other vehicles and the reflections off of signs, guard rails, etc. can be glaring and distracting. Most people try to avoid driving at night altogether, but sometimes that’s not possible. Using night driving glasses can help make the drive more manageable.

They’re made especially for driving at night

Sheer Vision is a line of glasses made with an anti-glare filter that keeps UV lights from attacking the eyes. If you live in the city, chances are there are all types of lights lining the roads once the sun has gone down. Headlights, streetlights, reflective signs, emergency lights, etc. There are tons of opportunities for the glasses to protect your eyes from harm.

They only have on purpose, and that’s to protect your eyes

Yellow lenses with an Anti-Reflective coating are also available. These can make the environment appear brighter when used in low light conditions, clearing your vision in a way that will make seeing the road much more relaxed. Essentially, these glasses are blocking blue light which causes a haze or reduced sharpness. These classes will help with contrast and depth perception.

They are more affordable and practical than you would think

Since these glasses will create a clear, undistorted color, they will filter out glares and harsh lights easily. Eyestrain and squinting will lessen as your eyes will be more relaxed and comfortable. They not only have to be used at night, but they can also be used in low light conditions, driving during dawn, dusk, fog, and overcast conditions. They are scratch resistant and double sided with Anti-Reflective coating.

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