How to Figure Out Your Eyeglass Size

Nov 3, 2016

If you want to be fully prepared the next time you go on-line shopping for new eyeglass frames, you’ll need to learn how to determine your eyeglass sizing. Let’s assume you’ve already checked the inside left arm of your frames (the place where manufacturers typically print size information) and found that the numbers have worn off and you can no longer read them. Here’s how to figure out your size yourself with the help of a metric ruler, a pad and a pencil:


  1. Lay your glasses on a flat surface such as a table or desk with the frame arms folded inward and lenses faces up.
  2. Measure across one of the lenses from left to right. This is your lens width. Note the measurement in millimeters on your pad.
  3. Next, measure from the inside edge of your right lens to the inside edge of your left lens. This is your bridge measurement, the part of the glasses that go over the bridge of your nose. Again, note the measurement on your pad in millimeters.
  4. Find your arm length by measuring from bottom end of the arm to the top, where the hinge connects to the frame. Note your arm measurement.

measureThere’s one more measurement that isn’t normally part of the standard frame size, but all the same, it’s sometimes useful to have it when ordering eyeglass frames. That measurement is the frame width. To get it, measure from one end of the frame to the other, starting and ending where the frames meet the arms.

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