Progressive Computer/Reading Glasses: See to It That The Pages Keep Turning

Nov 3, 2016

Reading is a pleasurable activity that unlike others, never seems to go out of style. The formats may change, as Book Business Magazine’s writer pointed out earlier this year. But the printed word and mankind’s love of it will certainly continue on.

So will our society’s need for progressive computer/reading glasses. They’re necessary whether one reads for pleasure, information or profit.

rx-116-b_lgpch_3They differ from other VS Eyewear products and may be customized to fit a person’s favorite, reading platform. That’s why they’re frequently referred to as progressive computer/reading glasses as opposed to bifocal safety glasses or snowboarding goggles. Every pair of eyewear has its designated purpose and we can help readers find the one that’s best for them.

People who prefer to read e-books and get their news through electronic means must take into account at least five things before buying their respective pairs of progressive glasses. They are the tech platform, font, lighting, background colors and overall, eye health. For example, people who download e-books to their cell phones may need bifocals more than those who choose to read using desktop computers with built-in, magnifying screens.eq304blueclr_5

Similar is likely true for Nook, laptop and iPad users too. And as we’ve already noted, the background colors and font used by a person’s preferred websites make a difference in legibility too. Sometime they are harder to adjust than a room’s lighting or a personal prescription. As such, readers who choose to use multiple platforms may need more than one pair of progressive reading/computer glasses at their disposal.

Thankfully, most ophthalmologists are willing to discuss platform related issues with their patients and provide multiple prescriptions as needed. Accordingly, avid and casual readers can order progressive computer/reading glasses to suit their personal preferences rather than abandoning a favorite tech device or old-fashioned book collection. To learn more about the ordering process, low-vision readers should contact us at VS Eyewear.


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